This document is deprecated, please go to Tuya Developer Documentation Center to view the latest version: Tuya Smart Doc - Android SDK

1. Preparation for Integration

1.1.1. Register Tuya Developer Account

Go to the Tuya Smart Development Platform to register a developer account, create products and create function points, etc. Please refer to the Contact workflow for details.

1.1.2. Create an SDK APP

1.Log in to IoT Platform.

Note: if you do not have a Tuya account, register first.

2.Go to the "App" panel, and select Development under the "App SDK" side menu, then click Create.

Obtain App SDK

3.Enter app related information, and then click OK.

  • App name: Enter the App name.
  • iOS Bundle ID: Enter the iOS app bundle ID. The recommended format is com.xxxxx.xxxxx.
  • Android Package Name: Enter the Android app package name. It is not necessary to be consistent with iOS bundle ID.
  • URL Scheme: It is not required. If it is not entered, the system will automatically generate one URL Scheme according to package name.

Obtain App SDK

4.You can choose the option you need according to actual needs, support multiple selections, and then integrate the SDK according to Podfile and Gradle.

Obtain App SDK

5.Click Obtain Key to get SDK AppKey, AppSecret, security picture and other information.

Obtain App SDK

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