1. FAQ

1. Why are errors reported in running the pod install ?

  • Please confirm that the latest version cocoapod is used. Run the pod --version command to check the version of pod, and ensure that the version 1.3.0 or beyond is used.

2. Why the "Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-999 is canceled" error is reported when invoking the SDK interface?

  • Please conform that the object you request is a global variable, or the it will be released early, for example, self.feedBack = [[TuyaSmartFeedback alloc] init];

3. How to enable the debugging mode and print logs?

  • Invoke the following codes: [[TuyaSmartSDK sharedInstance] setDebugMode:YES]; when the SDK is initiated.

4. The device do not report the status when the control instruction is sent.

  • Please check the data type of function points. For example, the data type of function points shall be value, and the @{@"2": @(25)} instead of @{@"2": @"25"} shall be sent for the control command.

5. In iOS 12, [[TuyaSmartActivator sharedInstance] currentWifiSSID] can't get ssid.

  • Xcode 10 should open access wifi information capability to get ssid. This can be found at: Xcode -> [Project Name] -> Targets -> [Target Name] -> Capabilities -> Access WiFi Information -> ON

6. After update sdk to version >=2.8.0, app crashed immediately after sdk init.

After SDK 2.8.0, we have added security image check and use the new appkey/secret. Please refer to Preparation work section and go to tuya iot platform to get the appkey/secret/security image which is required by sdk init.

7. sdk demo compile failed: `library not found for -XXX

  • Confirm you open the .xcworkspace instead of .xcproject. See: CocoaPods Guides

8. iOS 13 Adaptation

9. Why does the SDK obtain that the local language is English, rather than the language of the mobile phone system?

  • Because the SDK is based on the local language obtained from [[NSBundle mainBundle] preferredLocalizations], you need to create an international language in the project.

10. Does the SDK support infrared device control?

  • Now TuyaSmartHomeKit SDK does not support infrared device control

11. Why did the device control send multiple function points (DPS) and did not receive all data function point responses?

  • When the device controls the transmission of multiple functions, it is necessary to first determine whether there is a conflict between the function points. For example, for lighting devices, the brightness of the light and the function points of heating and cooling can be put together to send.
  • However, when the switch, brightness and temperature are put together, there will be some problems that the function points do not respond.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to send the function without function conflict together.

12. If there is no Bluetooth function, can you reduce the package size without relying on the SDK Bluetooth module?

  • Yes, you can only rely on the following two modules for device distribution and control functions
# home management, device, room, group management related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartDeviceKit',
# Relevant functions of device activator
pod 'TuyaSmartActivatorKit',
  • The following modules can be referenced according to actual needs
# Single point Bluetooth related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartBLEKit', 
# Sigmesh related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartBLEMeshKit',
# Intelligent scene related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartSceneKit', 
# device and group timing related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartTimerKit',
# Message center related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartMessageKit',
# Fault feedback related functions
pod 'TuyaSmartFeedbackKit',

14. iOS sdk build error Undefined symbols xxx

  • Generally, due to the version of sdk referenced is different, it's need confirmed whether each library referenced is a unified version (for example: 3.12.1, 3.12.5..), if not, pod update and recompiling.

15. Xcode 11 not included application loader

  • Application Loader is no longer included with Xcode 11. Transporter tool announced that replaces Application Loader.

16. Signature check error

  • Please check the bundleIdappKeyappSecretSecurity img, any one of the mismatches will fail the verification. Please refer to Preparation work section

17. pod install failed with "CDN: trunk Repo update failed / trunk URL couldn't be downloaded"

  • CocoaPods 1.8.0 use CDN Repo as default,if you failed to connect it for network issue, please use Master Repo instead. Edit Podfile and set Master Repo as primary source:

    - source 'https://cdn.cocoapods.org/'
    + source 'https://github.com/CocoaPods/Specs.git'
  • Detail: http://blog.cocoapods.org/CocoaPods-1.8.0-beta/

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