1. Device Configuration

The network configuration modes supported by Tuya smart camera hardware module including:

  • Quick connection mode(TLink, it is referred to as the EZ mode)
  • Hotspot mode (AP mode)
  • Qr code mode

Qr code mode is relatively simple, it is recommended to use the qr code mode, if the device can not scan the qr code, then try quick connection mode.

EZ mode and AP mode is same as other Tuya device, refer to Network Configuration.

The following focuses on the smart camera's unique Qr code mode.

1.1. Qr code mode

Flow chart

Title: Qr code mode

participant APP
participant SDK
participant Device
participant Service

Note over APP: Connect to the Wifi of router
Note over Device: Reset device

APP->SDK: Get token
SDK->Service: Get token
Service-->SDK: Response token
SDK-->APP: Response token

APP-->APP: Concatenate the ssid, PWD, token string to generate the qr code
Device-->APP: Camera scan qr code get ssid, PWD, token
Device->Service: Activate the device

APP->SDK: Start network configuration

Service-->Device: Network configuration succeeds
Device-->SDK: Network configuration succeeds
SDK-->APP: Network configuration succeeds

Class and Protocol

Class (Protocol) Description
TuyaSmartActivator Network configuration package
TuyaSmartActivatorDelegate Network configuration result delegate


Get token from service.

- (void)getTokenWithHomeId:(long long)homeId


Parameter Description
homeId The home id of which the device will be bound
success Success callback, response token
failure Failure callback,error indicates the reason of failure


Start network configuration.

- (void)startConfigWiFi:(TYActivatorMode)mode
                   ssid:(NSString *)ssid
               password:(NSString *)password
                  token:(NSString *)token


Parameter Description
mode Configuration mode
ssid Ssid of Wi-Fi
password Password of Wi-Fi
token Token
timeout Timeout


Stop network configuration.

- (void)stopConfigWiFi;


Network configuration result delegate callback.

- (void)activator:(TuyaSmartActivator *)activator didReceiveDevice:(TuyaSmartDeviceModel *)deviceModel error:(NSError *)error;


Parameter Description
activator TuyaSmartActivator object
deviceModel TuyaSmartDeviceModel object, nil if failed
error Indicates the reason of failure, nil if succeed

1.1.1. Get token

Before starting network configuration, the SDK needs to get the token from the service, and then generate the qr code with the ssid of wi-fi and the password. The Token is valid for 10 minutes and will be invalidated upon successful configuration (reconfiguration requires reacquisition). The device must be bound in a Home, so the token is associated to the home id. After the device successfully activates with this token, it will be bound in the device list of this Home.



- (void)getToken {
    [[TuyaSmartActivator sharedInstance] getTokenWithHomeId:homeId success:^(NSString *token) {
        NSLog(@"getToken success: %@", token);
        // TODO: startConfigWiFi
    } failure:^(NSError *error) {
        NSLog(@"getToken failure: %@", error.localizedDescription);


func getToken() {
    TuyaSmartActivator.sharedInstance()?.getTokenWithHomeId(homeId, success: { (token) in
        print("getToken success: \(token)")
        // TODO: startConfigWiFi
    }, failure: { (error) in
        if let e = error {
            print("getToken failure: \(e)")

1.1.2. Concatenated Wi-Fi string

After got the token, the ssid and password of the wi-fi which the device is expected to connect are also needed, which are concatenated into a string in the following way, and then a qr code picture is generated according to this string.



NSDictionary *dictionary = @{
@"s": self.ssid,
@"p": self.pwd,
@"t": self.token
NSData *jsonData = [NSJSONSerialization dataWithJSONObject:dictionary options:0 error:nil];
self.wifiJsonStr = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:jsonData encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];


let dictionary = [
    "s": self.ssid,
    "p": self.pwd,
    "t": self.token
let jsonData = JSONSerialization.data(withJSONObject: dictionary, options: JSONSerialization.WritingOptions.Element)
self.wifiJsonStr = String(data: jsonData, encoding: String.Encoding.utf8)

1.1.3. Start configuration

Use the wifiJsonStr to generate the qr code, reset the device , point the qr code at the camera, and the device will sound a prompt after capturing the information of the qr code. At this point, start listening for the distribution results through the following interface.



[[TuyaSmartActivator sharedInstance] startConfigWiFi:TYActivatorModeQRCode ssid:self.ssid password:self.pwd token:self.token timeout:100];


TuyaSmartActivator.sharedInstance()?.startConfigWiFi(TYActivatorModeQRCode, ssid: self.ssid, password: self.pwd, token: self.token, timeout: 100)

1.1.4. Stop configuration

Stop configuration by this method.



[[TuyaSmartActivator sharedInstance] stopConfigWiFi];



1.1.5. Delegate callback

The result of network configuration response by TuyaSmartActivatorDelegate.



- (void)activator:(TuyaSmartActivator *)activator didReceiveDevice:(TuyaSmartDeviceModel *)deviceModel error:(NSError *)error {
      if (deviceModel) {
          // success
    }else {
          // error


func activator(_ activator: TuyaSmartActivator!, didReceiveDevice deviceModel: TuyaSmartDeviceModel?, error: Error!) {
        if deviceModel != nil {
          // success
    }else {
          // error

1.1.6. Binding mode

Tuya smart camera support three binding modes: strong, medium and weak. After the device is successfully activated into the home of the corresponding account, different binding modes and different verification methods are required for unbinding.

  • Strong mode:Only after the previous user removes the device from the App, the device can be reconfigured and bound to another account.
  • Medium mode:Without the previous user removing the device from the App, the device can be reconfigured and bound to another account, but a PUSH notification will be sent to the previous account.
  • Weak mode:Without the previous user removing the device from the App, you can reconfigure the device to bind to another account.

Tuya smart camera just support strong binding mode, and can't change to other mode. If you has a strong demand and has evaluated the impact of modifying to other modes, you can submit an order to the Tuya developer platform.

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