1. SDK Architecture

1.1. SDK architecture

1.1.1. Introduction

IPC SDK encapsulated the camera features base on Home SDK. The SDK is divided into four parts: Utils, Communication Layer,Core layer, Business Layer.

  • Utils provides some common tools method,ex: JSON serialization, string codec.
  • Communication Layer encapsulated HTTP,MQTT,Socket,p2p network channels.
  • Core layer provides user, home ,device management, and basic function of camera.
  • Business Layer provides extension functions, alarm messages management, cloud storage management and other business functions。

1.1.2. Architecture diagram


1.1.3. Component module

The IPC SDK relies on some components in the Home SDK, including account management, home device management, device configuration, and basic communication module. When using Cocoapods to introduce IPC SDK, the dependent components will be automatically introduced.


Module Description
TuyaSmartCameraKit Camera extension functions, cloud storage, alarm messages management
TYCameraCloudServicePanelSDK Tuya cloud storage service order management
TuyaSmartCameraBase Camera basic function interfaces
TuyaSmartCameraM Camera basic function implementations
TuyaSmartDeviceKit Home and Device management
TuyaSmartActivatorKit Network configuration
TuyaSmartBaseKit User management and Tuya server https common interface
TuyaCameraSDK Tuya p2p network channel implementation
TuyaSmartSocketChannelKit Tuya socket network channel implementation
TuyaSmartMQTTChannelKit Tuya MQTT network channel implementation
TuyaSmartUtil Common tools method
TYEncryptImage UI kit for display encrypted image

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