TuyaSmart iOS IPC biz Bundle

Functional Overview

TuyaSmart iOS IPC biz Bundle (TuyaCameraPanelSDK) is a series of panel SDK related to camera functions developed based on Tuya Smart Camera SDK. It mainly includes the following functions:

-Preview panel, playback panel, cloud storage panel, message center panel, album panel, settings panel.

Quick integration

Use CocoaPods integration

Add the following code to the Podfile file:

source "https://github.com/TuyaInc/TYPublicSpecs.git"
source 'https://cdn.cocoapods.org/'

platform: ios, '9.0'

target 'TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK_Example' do
  pod 'TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK'
  pod 'TuyaSmartHomeKit'
  pod "TuyaSmartPanelSDK"


Then execute the pod update command in the project root directory to integrate third-party libraries.

Please refer to the use of CocoaPods: CocoaPods Guides

Project configuration

In the corresponding Target, select Build Settings, search for Enable Bitcode, and set it to NO.

Integration SDK

Header file import

Objective-C projects are added where needed

#import <TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK/TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK.h>

Swift Please add the following to the xxx_Bridging-Header.h bridge file

#import <TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK/TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK.h>

Then add it where the project needs to be used

import TuyaSmartCameraPanelSDK

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