1. BizBundle Guide

Tuya currently provides the following BizBundles, one or more of which can be used at the same time

1.1. BizBundle List

BizBundle Note
TuyaSmartMallBizBundle Provide h5 mall function
TuyaSmartActivatorBizBundle Provide device network configuration function
TuyaSmartPanelBizBundle Provide device control panel
TuyaSmartCameraPanelBizBundle Provide camera native panel
TuyaSmartCameraRNPanelBizBundle Provide camera react-native panel
TuyaSmartMessageBizBundle Provide message center function
TuyaSmartSceneBizBundle Provide smart scene setting panel
TuyaSmartCloudServiceBizBundle Provide camera cloud storage service purchase function
TuyaSmartHelpCenterBizBundle Provide App troubleshooting and feedback channels
TuyaSmartCameraSettingBizBundle Provide camera setting pane
TuyaSmartOTABizBundle Provide device upgrade function
TuyaSmartFamilyBizBundle Provide business such as family, member, room
TuyaSmartDeviceDetailBizBundle Provide device information display function

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