1. Message Center BizBundle

1.1. Introduction

The message center bizBundle provides the business logic of the message center of Tuya APP. The business functions mainly cover the push historical records of various types of messages, mainly including three categories of alarms, homes, and notifications. The alarms include device alarms, scene automation and other execution records. The setting page of the message center can enable or disable various types of message push. For alarm messages, it can support adding no-disturb periods to the device.

1.2. Integrate

Add the TuyaSmartMessageBizBundle in the project's Podfile file and execute thepod update command

source "https://github.com/TuyaInc/TuyaPublicSpecs.git"
source 'https://cdn.cocoapods.org/'

target 'your_target_name' do
  # Add Message BzBndle
  pod 'TuyaSmartMessageBizBundle'

1.3. Service Protocol

1.3.1. Service Provided By BizBundle

The message BizBundle implements the TYMessageCenterProtocol protocol to provide services,View theTYMessageCenterProtocol.h file in the TYModuleServices as follows:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>


@protocol TYMessageCenterProtocol <NSObject>

/// push消息中心页面 push message center vc
/// @param animated animated
- (void)gotoMessageCenterViewControllerWithAnimated:(BOOL)animated;



1.3.2. Dependent Services Required By BizBundle

BizBundle running depends on the protocol method provided by TYSmartHomeDataProtocol,Before calling the BizBundle method, the following protocol needs to be implemented


Set current home infomation by implementing the following method.

 Get current home info 

 @return TuyaSmartHome
- (TuyaSmartHome *)getCurrentHome;

1.4. Operating Guide

1.4.1. Attention

  1. Make sure that the user is logged in before using any interface

  2. When the login user changes, be sure to re-judge the mall availability status and re-acquire the mall page

  3. Before using bizBundle,must implement the protocol method getCurrentHome in TYSmartHomeDataProtocol


#import <TuyaSmartBizCore/TuyaSmartBizCore.h>
#import <TYModuleServices/TYSmartHomeDataProtocol.h>

- (void)initCurrentHome {
    // register service
    [[TuyaSmartBizCore sharedInstance] registerService:@protocol(TYSmartHomeDataProtocol) withInstance:self];

// implementation
- (TuyaSmartHome *)getCurrentHome {
    TuyaSmartHome *home = [TuyaSmartHome homeWithHomeId:@"current home id"];
    return home;


import TuyaSmartDeviceKit

class TYMessageCenterTest: NSObject,TYSmartHomeDataProtocol{

    func test() {
        TuyaSmartBizCore.sharedInstance().registerService(TYSmartHomeDataProtocol.self, withInstance: self)

    func getCurrentHome() -> TuyaSmartHome! {
        let home = TuyaSmartHome.init(homeId: 111)
        return home


1.5. Go To Message Center Page


#import <TuyaSmartBizCore/TuyaSmartBizCore.h>
#import <TYModuleServices/TYMessageCenterProtocol.h>

- (void)gotoDeviceConfig {
    id<TYMessageCenterProtocol> impl = [[TuyaSmartBizCore sharedInstance] serviceOfProtocol:@protocol(TYMessageCenterProtocol)];
    [impl gotoMessageCenterViewControllerWithAnimated:YES];


let impl = TuyaSmartBizCore.sharedInstance().service(of: TYMessageCenterProtocol.self) as? TYMessageCenterProtocol
impl?.gotoMessageCenterViewController(animated: true)

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